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This is the future of the global container industry.

We bring the freight forwarders, carriers, importers and
exporters together by providing a global container exchange,
fueled by an automated rate-matching engine, that connects
customers and service providers faster.
why loadex?

The container industry continues to become
more spot-rate driven and with this change
comes the need for tools that can help
reduce the time spent on
finding rates and customers.

Whether you are offering or requesting a rate, Loadex will automatically let you know when your order has been matched. This allows you to spend your time on more pressing matters, instead of emailing, calling and

waiting for the rate that may or may not show up. Requests and offers
are published anonymously to protect you from benchmarking.

Through Loadex you can access the container market in the US, China, India, EU, Middle East in just a few seconds. For service providers it is a low cost sales channel and for importers and
exporters, a great way to access
competitive global container

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It is FREE to sign up and you only pay a $9.99 fee per container after your order has been matched AND you choose to proceed. It is a small price to pay for saving you time and money, as well as growing your business.

Signing up takes only a few seconds and we provide you with the information you need to get started. Loadex does not handle the logistics; we just establish a rate agreement between the customer (buyer) and the service provider (seller).

who we are

Loadex Group was founded by a group of individuals with a strong background in global logistics, shipping, project management, software and IT development.

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